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Milagro Acustico Ensemble
Blood of Poets (Sairin Kani)

Patrizia Nasini, Eda Ozbakay : lead vocal
Bob Salmieri: Baglama, soprano sax, ney, friscaleddu, klarinet, percussions
Maurizio Catania, Valentina dAccardi, Chicco Allotta, Giacoma Allotta: Voices
Andrea Pullone: Baglama, classic guitar
Simone Pulvano: percussions
Maurizio Perrone: Doublebass
Luca Ciarla: Violin
Gunay Celik: Kanun
Andrea Alberti: Grandpiano
Volkan Gucer : Kaval
Raffaele Mallozzi : Organetto, lira, rebeca
Pejman Tadajon: Tar, setar
Inci Sunar: Bouzuki
Pachi Adikari Kalipada: Tabla
Music: Bob Salmieri

Sangu ru Poeta Blood of Poet, ( in turkish Sairin Kani ) is a project inspired by the poems of two mediterranean poets of our time: Ignazio Buttitta, Sicilian and Nazim Hikmet, Turkish. Both victims of the same destiny as forgotten at home in the historic moment wich feels more the lack of high voices. Poets of the road, popular poets, who sang the disperation of daily labourers, soldiers at the front, thieves and murderers, dead people. Voices of who has never had voice. The poems, as in previous work of Bob Salmieri devoted to poetry, are music-set and sung in the original language, Sicilian for Buttitta, Turkish for Hikmet. However, in some songs we have inverted the language. The orchestration used is that of the Mediterranean tradition in particular Turkish and Sicilian as baglama, davul, ney, def, tambourines, friscaleddu, kanun, tar, setar, violin, grand piano etc.

by Tonj Acquaviva &
Rosie Wiederkehr

Tonj Acquaviva : Composer, wave drums, voices
Rosie Wiederkehr : Voices
Guillermo Mokotoff : Bass
Volkan Gucer : Etnic winds
Edoardo Massimi : Electric guitar
Sea Sun Carlotto : Sound engineer

Agricantus: is a band gender 'ethnic electronica' , born in Palermo. The group became famous in the mid 90's with the 'sound' of bandleader Tonj Acquaviva, and the arrival of Swiss singer Rosie Wiederkehr. From the beginning, Agricantus (Latin: the song of the corn field), has always had a boundless vision of the world, from which to extract a musical narrative through links with the cultures of the five continents. His artistic journey is symbolically based on 'vision of peace between peoples', that peace can be built continuously through the sounds, music and words. The intention is to enrich their music with sounds and colors, languages and scripts, with the desire to lead the listener through a continuous 'growing' and 'lowering' of music, to switch to another possible world.
Volkan Gücer's musical piece Forbidden Love underscored Hollywood's Tv Series "The Unit" in 2nd season 2nd episode (2007).

I am graduated from Galatasaray High School (1982) and Bogazici University (1988). Although I have studied civil engineering, I chose a career as a music composer. I studied Jazz Harmony with Ali Perret at Contemporary Music Center of Timur Selcuk .

During my professional musical career since 1991, I am involved in more than 40 TV Series and films as composer and music director. Some of the directors that I worked with are Osman Seden, Serif Goren, Temel Gursu, Yucel Ucanoglu, Mahinur Ergun, Ismail Gunes, Nursan Esenboga, Faruk Turgut, Kudret Sabanci, Cemal San, Hilal Saral, Sadullah Senturk and Cankat Ergin. Those movies starring legendary actors and actress such as; Ediz Hun, Goksel Arsoy, Mujde Ar, Sener Sen, Rutkay Aziz., Aydan Sener, Hulya Avsar, Sibel Turnagol and Tardu Flordun. Among my well-known works, I can name Amerikali "Aka. American" and "Golge Cicegi" songs for the films with same names, which the lyrics are written by the divine author Aysel Gurel. I also composed underscores for the TV series of the popular singers of the period;, Muazzez Ersoy, Ebru Gndes, Ibrahim Erkal, Alisan, Atilla Tas and Petek Dincoz. I produced many jingles and two library CD's for domestic and foreign market. Since 2002, I produced albums for my own company MUZIKAL YAPIM; "Dreamin 'Istanbul" of Burak Demir, "Paslanmaz" of Burak Aziz and "Koku" of Beyza Durmaz, also released "Pustota" of Theodor Bastard" and "Istanbul Superband Plays Omer Goksel".

Muzikal Publishing catalogue represents more than 1000 work titles I am a founder member of MSG, Music Work Owners Group Collecting Society and took part as a member of the Board of Directors for seven years.

I produced 3 music videos in collaboration with the sister company Moonlight Film Productions. I also worked as production coordinator of 3 other music videos of Turkish pop star Serdar Ortac.

In recent years, I discovered the beauty of Turkish reed kaval and Irish Whistle. I try to perform them in various albums that I produced and for others released in Italy by Milagro Acustico. I composed Bi' Kerecik with known German-Turk DJ and poet Gulbahar Kultur and Beceriksizlerin Birligi (feat. Ebru Ozpirinc) and Depression (feat. Nez) with Nezihe Kalkan that were released in various complation albums in Europe.

I try to use Clarinet as a substitute of duduk to achieve a unique oriental sound performance. I took stage in the concerts of Milagro Acustico, Dreamin' Istanbul and Tonj Acquaviva & Welt Labyrinth in Istanbul, Ankara, Denizli, Mersin and Roma with Italian and Turkish musicians. I also played ethnic winds with Agricantus in several locations in Italy for the Amnesty International, Human Rights 50th year tour.

I produced three short movies and one of them is selected to be one of the best 99 short films in Germany in 2011.
I carried out the distribution of pop music channel Balkanika Television in Turkey and German area for 7 years. Now, I act as an advisor for the executive board of Turkshow and Dugun tv channels. I created the mini documentary film of European-Turk painter artist Mehmet Guler, for the Turkshow television.

In addition to my native language Turkish, I can also speak English and French and am now learning German.

Volkan Gcer






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